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Size and location
Grand Central’s unique size and location have been enduring elements of the business throughout its distinguished and evolving history, while other airports around it have bowed to increasingly strengthening tides of commercialisation.
Despite a brief one-year spell at a site in Randjesfontein in 1951, Grand Central has remained on the same 40-hectare plot of land in the heart of Midrand throughout its entire existence.
Fortunately enough, as globalisation has taken its course in recent years, the well- connected location has become increasingly central to the attraction of the airport.
“Our location has been our survival. We’ve got the Gautrain system along with the massive New Road interchange onto the major freeways right on our doorstep.
“The geographical location itself, right in the middle of the main hubs Johannesburg and Pretoria is perfect. To any one of these major hubs in Gauteng, you are no more than 15 minutes away,” exclaims Renault.
The sheer logistics of the airport have
also allowed the business to carve out a particularly niche service, which prides itself on putting a distinctly personal touch on the process of boarding a  ight.
For instance, Grand Central can arrange for a tailored service which will allow the traveller

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