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66 AVIATION | Grand Central Airport Flight Schools
“We’ve got a lot of  ight schools,  xed-wing and helicopter  ight schools, and with them it’s just a case of engagement with their business,” explains Renault.
Long-term  ight school partners include Avcon Jet Africa, Aviation Towards Success and Superior Pilot Services, amongst various other companies aiming to equip the next generation of South Africa’s pilots with the necessary skills of aviation, while Grand Central aims to provide the perfect training ground for this learning process.
“We don’t have a high turnover of  ight schools. Our  ight schools at Grand Central have been here for a very long time and intend to be here for the long-term,” says Renault.
“I would like to think that this is due to
our continuous engagement with our stakeholders, as to how we operate and how we mix our commercial tra c with the training tra c.”
The team at Grand Central performs a di cult balancing act on a daily basis,
between supporting its young (and often very nervous) aviation students up in the air on their maiden  ights and guiding private and commercial aircraft into the landing space at the airport.
Grand Central’s immaculate safety record is a testament to the level of mastery it has reached in achieving this balance between commercial and training air tra c.
“We’ve got one of the best safety records
in the country in terms of our airport and our operators, and once again I put it
down to good consultation with all of our stakeholders. We talk to each other, we plan, we mitigate, we  x, we remedy and overall we’ve got a very good mix here.”
The airport also enjoys strong working relationships with its various partners, which range from international fuel suppliers such as Shell, BP and Puma Energy, to smaller local  rms including runways servicer Road Seal, lighting company Motion Perfect Industries and electrical supplier Khanyisa Electrical.

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