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tells ABN exactly where Grand Central  nds itself in South Africa’s diverse contemporary aviation industry.
Grand Central’s business model is dictated around the various volumes of air tra c it receives on a daily basis, which is comprised of three key areas: Private aircraft, commercial general aviation aircraft and
air tra c related to the running of several aviation training schools, all of which are of equal value to the business.
Air tra c from privately-manned aircrafts formed the very foundations of the airport and continues to form a crucial aspect
of the business today, whilst commercial operations have grown in stature since they were  rst introduced in the sixties.
Today, Grand Central works with several chartered aircraft companies including Avcon Jet Africa, Echo Skies and Jemax Aviation, along with a number of chartered helicopter  rms such as Aeronautic Solutions SA, National Airways Corporation and Sapphire Blue.
However, in terms of daily air tra c volumes, the various  ight schools operating on
the grounds and in the air space of Grand Central make up the busiest part of the airport’s operations, and perhaps the most important with regards to the ongoing development of South Africa’s future aviation industry.

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