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64 AVIATION | Grand Central Airport 2017 represents a major milestone in the history of Grand Central Airport, as it celebrates its 80th anniversary since it
was founded back in 1937. During this remarkable period
of existence, Grand Central has successfully voyaged through several waves of development and expansion, yet has always maintained its modest charm
as a small, privately-owned airfield situated precisely half way between Johannesburg and Pretoria.
Grand Central was formed by Harry Shires, a highly in uential  gure in the private aviation industry of South Africa at the time, who bought the original land as a speculative
deal before o ering it to a group of private  iers, who started a rudimentary  ying club. Fast-forward to 1964, when Dr Mickey Finn took the opportunity to expand the airport, ushering in an era of private and commercial operators, along with the presence of aviation training schools across Grand Central’s facilities.
Since the 1960s, the airport has continued to operate in a similar fashion, until 1992 when its facilities were signi cantly strengthened by a multi-million rand upgrade. The latest phase in the ongoing development of
Grand Central came in June last year, when Old Mutual Life Assurance Company of South Africa (OMLACSA) became the sole shareholder of the airport. CEO Gary Renault

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