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played an important role in the company’s progression too. DSV is a major logistics supply partner on inbound and outbound logistics, ABSA provide  nancial services as the company’s commercial bank and Dassault Systems, CMI and Syspro all partner on the technical and engineering side.
A new training facility was opened last year to continue the conveyor belt of South Africa’s best engineering minds coming through the company and possibly to the wider industry. The company has localised parts of its overseas supply chain with existing facility expansions and establishing a structural composite facility in 2017.
All the new developments are in mind to not only grow the business but consolidate the work it undertakes with existing clients. Steyn
is focused on securing more work with its major clients, ramping up units on the A320 and A350 with Spirit Aerosystems and Safran Electrical Power and a 10-12% increase
on delivery to Boeing, as the B737 rates increase.
With the new technology Aerosud has championed, the potentially fruitful new industry partnerships and the continued relationships with worldwide major OEMs such as Boeing and Airbus, Aerosud is in a prime position to continue its growth and expand the African commercial aviation manufacturing industry for years to come.
CONTACT +27 (0) 12 662 5000
Add value to your business with DSV
DSV wants to be your South African and sub-Saharan African transport and logistics partner. We deliver cargo safely, securely and on time anywhere in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa while supporting all your warehousing needs through six specialised services:
• Air & Sea - our network stretches around the world.
• Road - whether it is a single shipment, a few pallets or multiple full loads every week, we know how to handle your cargo.
• Distribution - specialising in the movement of small parcels and documents.
• Solutions - we offer industry-speciic solutions in the automotive, retail and healthcare industries.
• Healthcare - offering a variety of supply chain services tailored speciically to the needs
and compliance of the healthcare sector.
• Mounties - delivers logistics solutions to clients operating with sensitive supply chains.
We are a non-asset based company, which gives us the lexibility to offer the right service for your needs and adapt quickly and easily when your business grows.
Contact DSV South Africa to learn how we can add value to your supply chain: +27 861 462 884 |
DSV – Global Transport and Logistics
With ofices and facilities in more than 80 countries on six continents, we provide and run supply chain solutions for thousands of companies on a daily basis. Our reach is global yet our presence is local and close to our customers.

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