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60 AVIATION | Aerosud born to create a uni ed, relevant voice for the industry.
“We are promoting a direction where we as
a commercial aviation manufacturing sector would like to enter into a bilateral agreement with government with one objective. In a  ve year period we believe it is possible to double the commercial aviation manufacturing output in this country,” remarks Steyn.
“By organising ourselves better and being more structured at a national, regional and local level we can leverage all of the small things we do that end up not being so small.”
The Aerosud Aviation MD is the  rst to admit that the industry could have done more
in the past to drive towards this goal as a collective body. While the government has
played a part in pushing forward advanced manufacturing, coming together with industry can create a much stronger force into the future.
“The idea is to create a public-private partnership bilateral growth agreement. We want to talk about an integrated industry growth plan, but it has to be developed with concrete measurable timescales and growth targets.
“Together with that we want to expand and integrate all the other initiatives around advanced manufacturing and then to think about where we want to be in 10-15 years – that’s when you have to start to think about the internet of things and industry 4.0.”
Aerosud’s own industry relationships have

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