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over the next 20 years as the number of passengers  ying on the continent will increase as wages rise and both business and leisure travel take hold.
Steyn holds Ethiopian Airlines up as a good example of a company preparing for the growth by its position on the trajectory curve and the preparatory work it has implemented to capitalise on the upswing – the agreement with Aerosud is just one example of that. Aerosud’s manufacturing expertise and reputation for delivering quality engineering stands it in good stead to act as the ‘gateway to Africa’ from a manufacturing perspective.
In the interest of industry growth and protection, towards the end of last year Aerosud Aviation put together an industry gathering with representatives from over
50 companies as well as government stakeholders and associations to discuss and formulate a uni ed body to represent and promote the interests of the South African commercial aviation manufacturing industry.
It was a bold step but after a day of debates it became clear the companies within the sector were all facing the same problems and wanted the same solution. That was the day the Commercial Aviation Manufacturing Association of South Africa (CAMASA) was

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