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manufacturing activities in South Africa, particularly promoting the importance
of industry 4.0 – the ‘smart factory’ phenomenon – and the internet of things.
“The fact of the matter is if you are not part of it you will lose out big time, you will become irrelevant and become a subsistence farming country only,” asserts Steyn. “You’ve got to drive advanced manufacturing and top of the range technologies otherwise you will lose the top end people because they will head overseas.”
Industry relationships
To retain its industry leading position Steyn has taken Aerosud into a number of new relationships. Building networks through joint venture programmes and bilateral industry bodies future proofs the company
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and thoroughly strengthens its position in the market today.
In July last year Aerosud signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ethiopian Airlines, a mutually bene cial agreement to boost Ethiopia’s aerospace manufacturing industry and unlock a new business stream for Aerosud.
“The objective is fairly simple, it’s an opportunity for us to grow our medium to long-term business and expand our footprint into Africa,” Steyn explains.
“They are certainly from our perspective the most successful airline in the whole of Africa. They are a progressively thinking airline
and they are seen as a  agship organisation within the Ethiopian domain, that gives them

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