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it’s an all-round saving,” explains Steyn. “This company is now fully operational as part
of the Aerosud group and we are trying to market it and open new opportunities under the auspices of new technologies to secure the future and grow the business.”
Another area Aerosud Innovation and Training Centre has pioneered is additive laser manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D printing. While the company has stepped back from 3D printing as a direct manufacturing process it is moving into the design and simulation stage and interfacing with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to apply the technology. Steyn says it could unlock a new tranche of manufacturing possibilities.
“We will be investing in the tools of how to
design these organically grown parts. You can change the design and thinking philosophy completely when you talk about additive laser manufacturing. You start with no boundaries and you can create something completely di erently from what we see today.”
Steyn is driving the evolution into new technologies to ensure that Aerosud retains its position as the market leader in African aviation engineering and manufacturing. He stresses that it is crucial to embrace technological and industry changes to stay at the top, that goes for South Africa as a country as well as his company.
Aerosud is sponsoring a speci c session on advanced manufacturing at the Vision 2030 summit in Johannesburg in June. It will be an opportunity to showcase the advanced

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