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52 AVIATION | Aerosud Formed in 1991 Aerosud has made a name for itself as the benchmark in South African commercial aviation engineering and manufacturing. While
the majority of this complex manufacturing is located in the US or in Asia, Aerosud under
the guidance of Johan Steyn
has consistently embraced technology advances to remain as a key component supplier to some of the biggest names in commercial aviation and a vital member of the international air travel supply chain. However, Steyn is not happy to rest on
his laurels, the Aerosud Aviation MD and his management team is entering new partnerships, harnessing new technologies and developing training facilities to ensure the company is at
the forefront of future aviation manufacturing and engineering.
Advanced technologies
A new area of technology Aerosud has been concentrating on since ABN last spoke to the company a year ago is closed core technology (CCT).
The group has formed a new company Aerosud Technology Solutions to lead the programme which is now fully operational
and is in the process of marketing the manufacturing technique to new opportunities.
The technology involves using a rigid thermoplastic mould to form the desired structure which is embrittled during the

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