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48 AVIATION | Boeing SA Chinese companies in Southern Africa.
“We are looking at countries in West Africa where infrastructure is weak and it needs to be improved. It’s good to have airplanes, but airplanes are only one element of commercial aviation systems. You need the ground infrastructure, air tra c navigation system infrastructure and the airplanes to make the system operate commercially, e ciently and pro tably – right now infrastructure in most of Africa is weak,” Santos remarks.
The other key plank in a commercial aviation
system is the regulations that provide
the framework for international travel and business. Santos would like to see an intergovernmental organisation that takes responsibility for aviation regulations.
Currently there are civil aviation authorities in individual countries however the Boeing Africa director emphasises that not enough of them have the adequate resources to enact their roles to the required standards.
There are three major trading blocs in sub-Saharan Africa: The Southern African

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