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46 AVIATION | Boeing SA an overarching framework to regulate the industry.
Boeing is rolling out new programmes in partnership with African airlines to begin the process of training up students in Africa. It has a partnership with Ethiopian Airlines for simulators in school to help train pilots, and there is a partnership with 43 Air School in Port Alfred in South Africa to help train pilots to First O cer level.
Boeing selected two South African students for a six month internship in the United States as part of the company’s International Business Internship Program (IBIP) whereby students gain valuable exposure to the latest technological and business advances and thinking in a variety of disciplines relating
to business operations,  nance, marketing, strategy and the aviation industry.
Following the recent launch of a couple of research labs for PhD and Masters research grants for universities in South Africa, Santos hopes this programme can be expanded into Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria to help students understand and grasp new technologies.
Focusing on the infrastructure that acts as the mainframe for any country’s air travel Santos wants Boeing to be involved as it
is developed across Africa. Some of the continent has been upgraded in terms of airports and air tra c navigation but Santos highlights this has mainly been completed by

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