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As the manufacturing sector develops in Africa and the resulting entrepreneurship that is attached to such growth, the continent is already seeing and will continue to see substantial growth of a middle class with international work outlooks and disposable income.
“There is an enormous middle-class in Africa that is growing. Around six years ago, 15% of the population was considered middle class, today its about 34% of the African population considered middle class,” explains Santos.
“These are the people that can travel, on business and vacation. They want to travel, they want to trade and communicate, they want to go to conferences and that is why we are seeing increasing travel in Africa.”
Santos cites how political stability across Africa will stimulate economies and people’s abilities to start businesses, this in turn will stimulate African commercial aviation.
He adds that while the initial spurt in demand for air travel will come from the business side that will trickle down into the middle class’ disposable income and engender a signi cant leisure travel sector.
For Africa to be able to harness the growth
it is expecting for its aviation industry it is imperative there is adequate specialised training available for the necessary pilots and engineers, all participating countries have
an infrastructure network that can hold the weight of fast  owing business travel and

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