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As well as purchasing parts from a local supply chain in Africa, Boeing also provides auxiliary services to the continent’s aviation industry, again bolstering its position as a key player in the sector.
The African division consults with airlines across markets, network and  eets, performance, economics, environmental concerns and asset acquisitions as well as broader services such as regulatory assistance, safety,  nancing and support skills. Santos stresses it is a key part of Boeing’s presence in Africa.
Another key driver for growth in the African aviation industry is the role China and Chinese companies play. As South East
Asia moves up the value chain in terms of manufacturing Santos believes the void that leaves in low-cost production will be  lled by Africa.
“We believe that Africa, given its proximity to the two largest consumer markets in
the US and Europe [can provide low cost production]. Goods manufactured in Africa heading to the US or Europe will certainly be a lot cheaper than those coming from Asia.”

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