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42 AVIATION | Boeing SA mechanics taken to Asian airlines, especially from South Africa,” notes Santos.
But with the increase in sales, comes a
huge investment in training from Boeing,
“If an airline buys two Boeing 777s today,
by the time they receive the airplanes we have provided mechanics, avionics, electric engineering systems – Boeing will train roughly 160 engineers and mechanics, about  ve crews per plane, but this is not enough.”
As well as providing aircrafts and engineering Boeing has also entered partnerships with
a number of African enterprises, which
extend far beyond the supply and building
of aviation materials. Boeing has developed relationships with a spread of parts suppliers to suit di erent areas of the business. In Morocco Boeing is partnered with CasaAero and MATIS Aerospace, and is a member of the board for MATIS.
There are long standing relationships with South African manufacturers PARAMOUNT, Jeppesen, Denel and Aerosud, the latter being the largest provider of aviation parts in South Africa. Santos calls Aerosud a ‘wonderful partner’ and he is keen to help expand its footprint.

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