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The aforementioned price crash served to expose a weakness in Botswana’s economy, as it remains somewhat over-reliant on the mining sector and is therefore vulnerable to macroeconomic  uctuations within the industry.
Therefore, the challenge for Botswana remains to centre on diversifying its economy to protect against international market volatility.
Nonetheless, Botswana has long been lauded as a  rst-rate destination for business investment across sub-Saharan Africa, due
to myriad factors including good economic governance, a liberal tax system and low levels of corruption.
In fact, the country was ranked the least corrupt of all 54 African nations on the 2011 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) carried out by global corruption watchdog Transparency International.
Botswana’s status as a leading destination
for FDI has been further strengthened by
a recent index report by Quantum Global Research Lab, which ranked it as the most attractive destination for investment in Africa.
The 2016 Africa Investment Index rated Botswana highly based on a range of factors including improved credit rating, current account ratio, import cover and ease of doing business.
“[Botswana’s] strategic location, skilled workforce and a politically stable environment have attracted the attention of international investors leading to a signi cant in ux of FDI,” said Mthuli Ncube, head of Quantum Global Research Lab.

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