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time to reach up to other segments in Africa by exposing the brand through a programme of diversi cation.
Hood pushed Fluiconnecto towards servicing the construction, industry, agriculture and marine (CIA&M) sector, making up between 30-35% of the business in South Africa and Botswana.
Now the company is expanding its presence on the CIA&M sector in the other African countries by opening strategically located hydroshops. These are service points that allow the clients to have a face-to-face service and are predominantly aimed at the construction and marine industries.
Fluiconnecto has opened  ve new hydroshops across Africa, located in: Ghana (Takoradi and Accra), Ivory Coast (Abidjan), Guinea (Conakry) and the in Zambia (Mkushi). The last one is speci cally dedicated to the agriculture industry.
“We are aiming to open hydroshops in all of our African countries; there are many good opportunities outside the mining businesses in Africa and we want to be part of them as well.
“With that in mind Fluiconnecto has also hired a CIA&M manager who will oversee the growth in this sector and help to manage all activities for this industry,” remarks Hood.
He adds, “The main focus of the new CIA&M manager is develop strong strategies to grow
Fluiconnecto market share not only with
the Manuli product but also the lubrication, hydraulic equipment and services backed by the company SOS mobile vans and technical department.
“Another area Fluiconnecto is strong throughout the world is in oil and gas segment. We are not currently active in Africa but throughout 2017 we are going to be identifying clients and studying key services for the oil and gas industry.”
Hood hopes that the oil and gas prices
will make resurgence in 2017, after facing similarly depressed markets to mining over the last few years.
The oil and gas segment represents another area of diversi cation where Fluiconnecto
is quali ed to venture is and therefore enlarging its possibilities in Africa.
Fluiconnecto has a bright and busy future
as it expands in Africa with a number of above-mentioned large contracts coming
up in 2017, the company will be focused on establishing new workshops on site this year and expanding its name into new segments making the company not only the number one in mining.

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