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 nish the year on a high with a 12% increase in sales.
But not only Fluiconnecto’s strong sales  gures made the highlights in 2016 since during this year the company signed major contracts, such as the one with Acacia Mining in Tanzania as well as the African Mining Services (AMS) contract in West Africa.
Despite securing large contracts Hood understands that the industry continues developing as well as the competition, for this reason Fluiconnecto keeps moving forward in order to always o er competitive prices and the best services ensuring the company its number one position in the African market.
Thanks to the Fluiconnecto hose management programme,  ui-ID, customers have access to service that goes beyond hose inspections.  ui-ID consists of detailed strategy that conducts hose management services the aim to improve uptime, reduce costs and decrease risks.
Fluiconnecto aims to achieve three key targets for clients: reduce operational costs, improve equipment availability and increase production with that in mind it o ers turnkey solutions for all hydraulics equipment and replacements, delivering services to remote on site locations and a full range of services such as:
• On-site workshop: As the name says, these workshops are placed on any
requested location and are designed and operational fully- tted hose and hydraulic workshops with stock and tools provided by Fluiconnecto-Hyspec’s trained technicians.
• Hydroshop: Fluiconnecto specialised service points, a hydroshop is equipped with its own hose assembly workshop, a service area and a warehouse that stocks thousands of parts to guarantee an e cient and prompt service. Each shop is opened to the public and strategically located so that clients can easily place and collect their orders, as well as make use of a wide range of professional services.
• SOS van: These are fully equipped mobile workshops that will solve hydraulic problems wherever and whenever they occur. An SOS van can provide support for
a variety of hydraulic problems and are operated by Fluiconnecto certi ed engineers available 24/7 to help clients anywhere.
To these ends Fluiconnecto provides a full range of services to attend the client’s needs. Not forgetting that on any workshop project there are daily inspection programmes of all hydraulic hoses on mining equipment and that Fluiconnecto also produces KPIs for the machinery helping clients to reduce speci c downtime issues.
Having all these services to o er, Hood says the company can ensure a 24/7, all-year- round, on-site service for the full range
of equipment supplied by Fluiconnecto providing its clients with peace of mind

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