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180 GOLD | Hummingbird Resources “In every single contract we have issued there has been a full tender process reviewed by us and independent contractors, we certainly haven’t just gone for the cheapest,” Betts
also explains how big a task it would be to bring the mining operation in house. “As a new company that has never built a mine, the art of mining and running a  eet is a whole new science for us. If we were learning that while we were also building the mine and the plant and managing everything else we could drown.
“I think it’s the right strategy for us to outsource to a professional contract miner but the management of the contract and the interface with us is absolutely vital because it’s the biggest contract we will ever sign.All of these contracts are partnerships, whether it’s the EPCM or the power contract, we have to be intimately involved in those operations and that’s what our VPs are there for.”
Betts is going to use the partnership with AMS to develop a residual knowledge of the mining operation so if the opportunity arises to bring that element in house on another asset and if it will save the shareholders money, Hummingbird will have that option.
“The whole thing about business is to make yourself more e cient and make more pro t for your shareholders. It isn’t just about the bottom line though, it’s a trade-o  between the cost of learning that discipline and whether you are a mining company or a project management company.”

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