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Betts highlights that in addition to all the planning for the mining operations, when the site is fully manned in around August there will be almost 800 workers.
“We have to think about every  ushing toilet, every meal and every knife and fork so we will e ectively be running a huge catering business as well as a mine. That will all fall on Will’s [Cook] plate for getting the logistics right,” remarks Betts.
Betts is con dent the team will be able
to deliver the construction of Yanfolila on time and on budget, however then it has to be passed on to an operating team which requires a whole new set of skills.
Hummingbird has announced that Kevin
Moxham, a professional engineer with over 30 years’ experience in managing African mining projects, will take over from Bunn when the project hits production.
Moxham has a glittering track record of delivering excellent results on a number of major African projects. Moxham was most recently general manager and
head of operations at Newmont Golden Ridge, overseeing the commissioning and construction of the 9 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) Akyem gold mine in Ghana.
He also managed the delivery of the Eritrean Bisha mine for Nevsun and acted as head of global engineering for Gold elds. Betts is in no doubt as to how important he will be for the project.

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