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duty applicable in the free zone. Bird says the programme is geared towards attracting foreign capital investment.
“It was designed to incentivise foreign direct investment into the country. It will help to diversify the economy, if you look at other successful free trade zones around the world it has had exactly that e ect. The incentives help to focus potential investors’ attention
As well as attracting investment, the free trade zone comprising of both an industrial hub and a logistics park will also smooth operations at the port by centralising everything in one location. Badagry will be operational 365 days a year, seven days a week, there will be direct access to sea and same-day turnaround of supply vessels, substantial reduction in handling operations and the elimination of unnecessary overheads in logistics infrastructure and personnel requirement.
Population boom
The Badagry Port is being designed in preparation for the rapid expansion of Nigeria’s economy and population. There is no doubt that an increase in population of over 150 million people in the next 35 years will have a dramatic e ect on demand for goods and trade. Nigeria and the Badagry Port & Free Zone are demonstrating forethought and planning expertise to build a project which will be able to accommodate such an increase with the aim of positioning Nigeria as West Africa’s hub for international trade.
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directly on Nigeria.”

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