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the immediate surrounding area to service and distribute the goods and imports that arrive at the Badagry Port.
The port is located along the Benin-Lagos expressway which is currently undergoing a major expansion from four lanes to 10 lanes, again ensuring the increase in tra c will have suitable access. The road is the vital artery between Lagos and the rest of the Nigerian economy and to be able to handle the heavy  ow of trucks out of the port is crucial to reaching valuable customers.
In addition, a light rail passenger network
is planned to further increase accessibility to the port and ensure the local, and not so local, workforce can travel with e ciency. In the longer term Bird indicates the national rail infrastructure will be under review with
the aim of developing a rail network to transport cargo in and out of Badagry.
Finally and a fundamental plank in Badagry’s connectivity will be the exploitation of Nigeria’s vast system of inland waterways. The Porto Novo Creek  ows east to west behind the ocean coastline and Bird hopes the waterway will eventually support the huge port and free zone with cargo transport. The creek is deep enough to accommodate large cargo ships and is predicted, at capacity, to be able to make six round trips a day carrying 2,000 MT barges.
“The evacuation of cargo by rail and river relative to the congestion experienced in Lagos, should be much more seamless in the future. You can envisage a situation where you are barging cargo as opposed to keeping

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