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So, with that growth in mind Bird is aiming to future proof the port and its infrastructure for the next century.
“Today the water depth in the Lagos harbour is just under 14 metres in Apapa, but we are designing the Badagry Port with an 18-metre water depth in mind. That can accommodate the largest container carriers currently
on the market. We are looking at building the infrastructure so that it a 50-100-year solution.”
The port will also be designed with the future customers in mind. The project team has embarked on a consultation process with a number of major potential clients to ensure that all future needs will be met by Badagry.
“We asked the customers what their needs are today and what their needs are 20 years from now. The project will be built over phases but the idea, ultimately, is to create
a situation where our customers can bene t from signi cant economies of scale – then pass on those discounts to the local economy and reduce the cost of business in Nigeria and Lagos in particular.”
However conceptualising and designing
a project of this scale is no easy feat. The project will be constructed in four phases, each broadening the capacity and size of the maritime terminal and accompanying free zone.
“It takes a very big team and a lot of experts to develop such a large project. You have
“The idea with the Badagry Port & Free Zone is to
decongest the city area and develop a new port which will eventually become one of the largest ports in the whole of Africa.” Patrick Bird, project director
to anticipate all the potential problems and rely on the experts, consultants, team and your partners. Large infrastructure projects often make mistakes and overspend by not investing enough money, time and e ort early in the process.
“By working closely with your consultants and team you can save yourself a lot of headaches when it comes to implementation. We have already unloaded a lot of work so it is easier to develop when the time comes.”
As well as the port itself, the overall project relies on a number of key supporting infrastructure projects being developed in

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