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Africa, in 2014 its GDP reached $565 billion and it is relatively stable politically with a government committed to economic growth and expansion. Citigroup predicts Nigeria
to experience the highest average growth
in the world between 2010-2050 while the World Bank indicates Nigeria will become the 4th highest population in the world with 440 million people by 2050.
While Nigeria has plentiful human and natural resources, it has to demonstrate vision and responsible planning in order to accommodate and ‘future proof’ the rapid expansion in its economy and population. As with many other cities in the world the  rst
Lagos port in the metropolitan area was not constructed with such growth in mind.
“The port was initially developed in a city and the city grew up around the port, it expanded and as a result the port itself has become congested and the evacuation of cargo is a constant issue,” Bird explains, highlighting why the Badagry Port is absolutely necessary.
“The idea with the Badagry Port & Free Zone is to move outside of the city, 50-60km to the west of metropolitan Lagos, decongest the city area and develop a new port like this which will eventually become one of the largest ports in the whole of Africa.”

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