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158 CONSTRUCTION & INFRASTRUCTURE | Badagry Port & Free Zone The Nigerian state of Lagos is so vast and so populous it is almost a country within a country. With a population breaching 17 million people and GDP over $90 billion there is the insatiable growing need for goods, consumables and major imports. It is unsurprising that in the sweaty, overcrowded lanes of Lagos’ city port it is becoming increasingly difficult
to distribute the goods once they arrive in harbour. However, answers are afoot. The Badagry Port & Free Zone, what will be Africa’s largest maritime trading post, is being future-proofed
to provide the additional port capacity necessary to meet
the expected rapid growth of both Nigeria’s economy and population.
Behind the project is a consortium of
some of the world’s major players at the forefront of trade, logistics, construction and development and  nance. APM Terminals, world leaders in port operations, and African energy experts Orlean Invest and Oando are on board to spearhead the development.
Alongside the global commercial partners, Badagry Port & Free Zone has very strong links to Nigeria’s government agencies in the process of development. The key partners in government are: the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Trade & Investment, Nigerian
Ports Authority, Ministry of Petroleum
and the Nigerian Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA) as well as myriad smaller government o ces. NEPZA has played a key role and has recently approved free trade approval for the area.

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