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152 PROPERTY AND DEVELOPMENTS | Eris Properties Ghana (Eris Property Group) commerce, bringing greater economic advancement to the city.
“I  rmly believe the addition of these projects speak volumes about the direction we believe the Ghanaian economy is headed in,” gleams Entsua-Mensah. “There is a growing optimism that things are on the right trajectory though it may take a little while.
“Demand for well thought-out o ces will become even greater in the next two to three years, and Eris is well poised to take
advantage of this with our landmark Accra developments, along with some additional projects in our pipeline.”
Not only is Eris providing a platform for commercial and economic development with its two grade A o ce developments, 335 Place and SU Tower will also become symbols of pride for the people of Accra, as the city solidi es its position among Africa’s elite business destinations.
With Eris Properties Ghana set to deliver

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