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Facilitating economic growth
Prior to around 2013/14, led by a rapidly developing business sector in Accra, Ghana was viewed as a stand-out model for African growth, with a strong GDP driven by gold, cocoa and oil exports.
However, around three years ago the Ghanaian economy dipped as the nation became a icted by a growing public de cit, high in ation and a weakening currency.
But upon receiving a monetary aid programme from the IMF and stabilising its macroeconomic sector, promising growth levels returned in 2016. With Ghana’s GDP growth set to reach 7.5% in 2018, Eris is well
placed to contribute to this economic revival with the  nalising of its 335 Place and SU Tower developments.
Furthermore, Ghana (and Accra in particular) remains an increasingly attractive business destination, on a continental and worldwide scale.
“Notwithstanding the economic slowdown particularly in the last two years, Accra is
still experiencing sustained interest from international and local companies wishing to enter and expand their market; they require world class commercial o ce space.”
This is exactly what Eris will provide with its landmark Accra developments, which will act as a homing beacon for international

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