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146 PROPERTY AND DEVELOPMENTS | Eris Properties Ghana (Eris Property Group) Eris Property Group began life in 2008, emerging out of the ashes of RMB Properties, a prominent property development and services company which had served the South African sector since 1987. Carrying the flame of RMB, Eris has progressed into a leading provider of commercial property services across South African and sub-Saharan markets.
The company’s transition beyond the borders of South Africa began when it recently came on board with a real estate private equity fund called the Momentum Africa Real
Estate Fund (MAREF), which focuses on real estate investments across  ve sub-Saharan countries enjoying rapid development within their market economies.
Consequently, Eris recently established a local presence in Ghana, one of the  ve countries supported by the MAREF, with
the West African nation highlighted as an auspicious hub for the  rm’s ongoing sub- Saharan property development strategy. With a number of exceptional developments set to be unveiled in the near future Enoch Entsua- Mensah, CEO of Eris Properties Ghana, cuts a profoundly enthusiastic  gure talking to ABN.
along with leasing services in the country. In particular, the  rm has focused the majority of its resources on property development services towards its  agship Accra projects – 335 Place and SU Tower.
However, it is the long-term objective of Eris Properties Ghana to imitate the multitude of property services o ered by its South Africa-based parent  rm, once its initial  agship projects are complete and suitably embedded into the Ghanaian property market.
The services eventually o ered by Eris will include property assets management, retail services, listed sector and investments, trading and investments, investment
broking, property valuations and facilities management, along with the services it o ers to the national market.
“Full property management activities will commence on completion of the two [Accra] projects,” says Entsua-Mensah.
“We  rmly believe by the completion of these projects, the market will understand the immense knowledge and skill we bring to Ghana, which should create a greater willingness to deal with us again on other related commercial property services.”
335 Place
The  rst of two grade A Eris o ce developments in Accra is named 335 Place, located in North Dzorwulu, an area which has become known as the city’s oil & gas enclave,
Stable foundations
Still at the foundation stage of its story, Eris Properties Ghana is currently focused on property development and advisory services

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