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greater emphasis on the pedestrian.
Examples of these ‘city within a city’ style developments include Eko Atlantic in Lagos, Tatu City in Nairobi and Centenary City in Abuja, which have been planned to become decentralised urban nodes.
“These projects are exciting because there are always opportunities to get involved and work alongside other international architects.
“You gain a lot of experience working with other international practices as we have a good local knowledge, whilst they o er a more global expertise.”
Over time, Bentel has perfected its craft as a retail architecture specialist across sub- Saharan Africa whilst also developing its business across several other areas in the sector.
From landmark, super-regional malls to smaller projects in less developed areas on the continent, Bentel brings a  exible and globalised skillset to all of its work.
Bentel is closely following an increasing global trend over the last decade that has seen construction  rms gravitate towards mixed-use developments, which place a
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