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importance, as projects can have an even greater impact on the local communities.
“Potential developments in these areas provide socio-economic opportunities and access to facilities which were simply not there before,” says Harlech-Jones. “This could be providing a formal retail centre in the style of a convenience mall, as opposed to an internalised urban mall style. It’s a very di erent type of market and a di erent type of architecture.”
Emerging African markets
Despite maintaining a number of South African developments in its current portfolio, Bentel is also heavily committed to a range of projects across the rest of the continent,
including a number of large-scale projects.
Bentel has been involved in projects in markets such as Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana, with the 2008 opening of Accra Mall standing out as one of the company’s  agship projects outside of South Africa.
Furthermore, with South Africa’s construction sector reaching maturity and development opportunities becoming sparser, it is in
these overlooked but emerging sub-Saharan markets that Bentel aims to sharpen its focus on in the coming years.
“I’m quite excited about the opportunities
we are involved with in new markets like the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, the DRC and Senegal. We are looking at various designs in these

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