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140 CONSTRUCTION |Bentel Associates International Bentel aims to be part of a greater process of socio-economic progression, beyond just construction of retail centres.
The same process of rapid economic growth has been observed in the Sandton area
of Johannesburg (dubbed Africa’s richest square mile), where Bentel was part of the construction of the iconic Nelson Mandela Square.
Like Canal Walk and the subsequent growth in Century City, Sandton’s steep economic rise was born out the redevelopment of
the Sandton City mall which combines with Nelson Mandela Square to make one of the largest retail complexes in Africa.
Bentel showed a  exibility of approach and
aptitude for identifying areas with growth potential when it partnered with Meyer Pienaar Architects and Urban Designers
to develop the civic space which has since become the centre piece of Johannesburg’s  nancial capital, and arguably one of the most eminent landmark buildings in South Africa.
However, the last decade has seen the
South African retail market reach saturation, particularly across the nation’s urban centres. As a result, Bentel cast its eyes towards developing projects in outlying areas of the country.
It is in these semi-urban and rural areas where Bentel’s aim of fostering socio- economic development takes on even greater

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