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In particular, Bentel is positioning itself in
the Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment, to document its projects for contractors and clients alike. As key members of the industry become more accustomed to 3D technology, Bentel is using BIM from early concept stages right through to completion.
Furthermore, in some instances, Bentel also provides opportunities for its clients to use the ‘model’ for its facilities management programme, post completion.
From early on in the concept initiation
stages, the company will often engage
with its clients in a 3D environment, taking them into a world of virtual reality in
project presentations. Clients are given the opportunity to ‘walk through’ or ‘ y through’ a proposed building.
This gives the client a great opportunity to understand the spaces and the conceptual approach at design infancy, and permits the client to gain a previously unfathomable insight into the  nal stages of the project,
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