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132 CONSTRUCTION |Bentel Associates International incorporated and linked back to the branding of that particular centre. Consequently, our architecture and graphic design teams are very inter-linked. Architecture is our core business, but within that we have branched out into these other sectors.”
Bentel has also tried to maintain a  exible and studious approach to its work in the  eld, taking note of global trends and learning from successful architectural practises observed in Europe and North America, before applying them to local environments across Africa.
“We have spent a lot of time understanding international trends, be they from the West or the East, understanding what retail means to people, how design works with that and what good design constitutes from a planning perspective, but also from an aesthetic perspective.”
This willingness to absorb the latest
trends emerging out of architecturally
and technologically advanced markets
has allowed Bentel to position itself at the forefront of global developments in the sector, before passing on this expertise to its clients on the continent.

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