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124 CONSTRUCTION | Billion Group the shopping mall involves government and commercial o ces, restaurants and a major residential development that will be backed up by schools and other supportive institutions.”
To have the roots of a brand new urban development shoot up from the construction of a retail mall represents the purest attainment of Billion Group’s growth-inducing and society building strategy.
The company has always maintained that Baywest City represents much more than just a large-scale development project, but an opportunity to advance the lives of many through job creation and the construction of an inclusive, fully serviced and integrated community.
“The biggest thing that we want to try and establish in all of our precincts is job creation, and raising the standards of living for the people around us.
“We aim to create a model with mutual bene ts between the community and the precinct, and a sustainable development, which is what we are doing at Baywest City.”
Sustainability has recently become a buzzword among South African construction companies, but for Billion Group sustainable development means much more than just environmentally friendly business practises.

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