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Since its opening, Baywest Mall has consistently performed above expectations and has taken Billion’s catalyst development strategy to new heights by acting as a stepping stone for a much bigger project.
Baywest City
The mall has proved to be just the beginning of the Baywest development, with the landmark Baywest City set to follow it over the next 15 years. Dubbed ‘a city within a city’, Billion has taken sole responsibility for the development of the wide-reaching urban development node.
“We have identi ed Baywest as a growth point for Nelson Mandela Bay and as such, we are working very closely with the local government’s economic development department in order to ensure that we take responsible care of the development of the precinct.”
The development will, over 300 hectares of urban space, have 6,000 residential units and a number of commercial o ces, industrial centres of commercial o ces, industrial centres, parks, schools and other various public facilities, many of which are already under construction.
“We are in the process of securing a national hospital group for the precinct. The license has already been awarded so the next step will be the roll out of that, which is imminent,” explains van Staden.
“Then the rest of the growth surrounding

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