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120 CONSTRUCTION | Billion Group BT Ngebs
“BT Ngebs was the  rst blueprint of our strategy to bring retail to communities where it has never been before, and it has been very successful in this respect.”
The 60,000m2 state-of-the-art, regional shopping centre has o ered a comprehensive retail experience to its visitors since it opened in mid-2015, with a diverse mix of popular tenants.
But crucially, the development has become the focal point of a thriving regional economy in Mthatha, through job creation and a subsequent rise in consumer activity, along with related infrastructural developments.
Based on the socio-economic development BT Ngebs has brought to Mthatha, Billion has followed up on this success with the construction of a hotel, which is set to open in the coming months, and has further scope for expansion with casino facilities.
However, Billion’s stand-out success
story has been the development of Port Elizabeth’s 90,000m2 Baywest Mall, which became the largest shopping centre in the Eastern Cape when it opened its doors in May 2015.
The super-regional mall is a sight to behold with its striking architectural design and comprehensive mix of 250 retail brand stores, restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities including a cinema with an IMAX screen and an ice rink.

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