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112 CONSTRUCTION | Attacq : Waterfall City interweaved city that can be reached with the most convenience.
“When people arrive at Waterfall for the  rst time they are hugely impressed by the quality of the road network and the landscaping,” says Mackenzie.
Attacq continues to take a meticulous approach to urban planning and landscaping in Waterfall, in order to provide the most complete experience for the city’s eventual inhabitants. From the lay-out of large-scale retail centres to o ce developments, road networks and leisure spaces, every small detail is being considered.
“The fact that it is clean and well maintained,
along with having the right security in place, is hugely important and makes it an attractive destination for people.”
Attacq’s development approach to Waterfall has followed a logical procedure so far, with the company initially focusing on mixed-use and o ce developments. These developments have created a desire and also a demand for people to reside in the area, ticking both leisure and work boxes of everyday life.
Now, the  rm is beginning to look towards some residential and hotel developments as the project moves into the next phase. Having successfully forged Waterfall
into an attractive destination for work

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