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Waterfall City’s unrivalled strategic
location has been the key behind the widespread corporate consolidation that the development has enjoyed so far.
“If you take Gauteng province, Waterfall sits right in the middle and is ideally located between Pretoria and Johannesburg,” beams Mackenzie.
The beauty of Waterfall’s central location
in Gauteng lies in the fact that it is easily accessible by existing major road networks including the M1 and M3 motorways, making the development well connected to the North, South, East and West arterials in the province.
Furthermore, Attacq is not just relying on the existing transport infrastructure in the
surrounding area of Waterfall, it is making large investments on new road and transport networks as part of its urban planning policy.
“Urban planning is very much at the heart of the project. We have spent an extra R1 billion on infrastructure here. We have made a huge investment on roads and other related services that are required to roll out and develop the land.”
It is also hoped that Waterfall will receive a Gautrain station, with land already set aside for the potential rail development.
The location of Waterfall City and the extensive amount of urban planning associated with a development of this magnitude have been crucial as the development seeks to become a fully
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