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A110 CONSTRUCTION | Attacq : Waterfall City Pro ca is proudly associated with A acq’s iconic Waterfall City development, as well as:
Capital on the Park
AIG Head O ce
Group Five Head O ce
Stella Precinct
Project Management services, including:
• Development project management • Construc on project management • Construc on management
• Turnkey/design & build  t outs
• Retail tenant coordina on • Programme management
• Tenant  t-out management • Tenant representa on
Providing specialist property and construc on project management to the development of diverse, innova ve proper es in South Africa and Africa.
Turning our client’s vision’s into reality, with the best talent from diverse cultures.
Pro ca o ces: South Africa (Headquarters) | Mauri us | Nigeria | Ghana | Kenya Associated o ces: Mozambique | Zambia | Zimbabwe | Rwanda | Uganda | Tanzania
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18/04/2017 15:37:39
Attacq is in the process of constructing consultancy networking  rm PwC’s iconic high-rise head o ce, which will dominate the Waterfall skyline and become one of the city’s most distinguished o ce spaces.
The PwC Tower Headquarters incorporates a unique twist in its structural design, while also meeting the silver standard of LEED’s (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) internationally accredited rating systems for green buildings.
PwC’s new 26-storey home will house 3,500 employees when it is eventually completed in early 2018.
developments include the South African head o ce of Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, and most recently the multi- tenanted Allandale building, which was completed in August 2016.
The attraction of having o ces located in the nascent Waterfall City development is attaining what Mackenzie calls corporate consolidation, which is signi ed by the strength and breadth of Attacq’s completed and ongoing o ce developments.
“There are companies which are consolidating their operations, in terms
of if they have an o ce in Pretoria and
one in Johannesburg, they are looking to reduce their overheads by combining their operations to end up with just one facility in Waterfall.
“PwC is a  ne example of a company which has two o ces and are going to combine that into one facility in Waterfall City.”

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