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A106 CONSTRUCTION | Attacq : Waterfall City When Attacq, one of South Africa’s leading property developers, began construction work on the ground-breaking Waterfall City development around eight years ago, the firm knew it had a colossal
job on its hands. Tasked with creating Gauteng’s newest urban lifestyle city from the ground up, Attacq has made an enduring commitment to the province. In recent years, the company has passed a number of important milestones in the ongoing construction of the development, with a great deal more to be achieved over the next decade. Pete Mackenzie, Attacq’s head of development takes stock of the project’s progress thus far, and looks towards the bright future of Gauteng’s newest lifestyle city.
Waterfall City represents Attacq’s leading development node across its extensive portfolio, with the sprawling mixed-use urban development hub set to become the region’s most complete city. Comprised of all aspects of urban living from housing, o ces, retail centres, urban parks and entertainment services, the site will o er a complete package to its inhabitants.
Attacq, a subsidiary of the Atterbury Group,
has primarily been involved with the roll out of Waterfall’s commercial developments since it came on board. The  rm’s responsibilities have ranged from o ce spaces, industrial centres, warehouses and retail developments across the city.
The m

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